Do you accept walk-ins?
Of course! Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class to get familiar with the gym and to ensure that you are properly equipped for class.

Are open workouts permitted?
Yes! If you’re looking to train on your own, please inquire about our Facility Membership.

Do I have to sign in prior to attending a class?
Class spaces are limited. Therefore, we recommend that everyone reserve their spot through our website or our app.

Are there showers?
Yes! We have showers. Need towel service? See our reception for more info.

Do you offer competitive boxing, or are your classes just for fitness?
Both! We offer both recreational and competitive boxing programs – please see our Classes page for more information.

How much are your memberships?
We offer flexible price packages for our unlimited memberships. Book a consultation with one of our program advisers in order to get the most out of your membership.

Do you offer ‘pay-per-class’ options?
Yes! Class packages can be purchased through our app or at our facility.

Is there parking?
There is Green P located right behind the gym as well as residential street parking on Salem Ave.



What should I expect during class?
Expect to sweat! Our classes are broken up into 3 stages: a warm-up, dynamic body weight exercises, combinations on the bag (or pads), and core work.

Do you have a beginner friendly classes?
You bet! We encourage everyone to work at their own pace. Whether you’re looking to trying Boxing, BJJ, Kickboxing, or Cross Training – we’ve got you covered. Instructors will provide any modifications if needed.

When should I arrive?
Newcomers are recommended to come 15 minutes before to get prepared for class.

What equipment do I need?
The equipment you’ll need depends on what class you’re doing.¬†Please call to find out what you may need.

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